Tour at Home Hardware

Second semester in the IMC program began with a blizzard the first week of school in January, but students and faculty are forging ahead and preparing for a very busy four months of project and event management, media relations and creative strategies/media technologies.

During this second semester students are also building their professional portfolios and preparing for the job interviews they seek upon graduation.


IMC students saw the filming of a training video in the model store that is located in the Home Hardware head office warehouse. Dana (centre) explained the busy schedule of constant planning, filming, editing, and distribution of videos created for both employee training and for store owners to use with customers around specific products.

In the second week, students were fortunate to participate in a tour at the head office of Home Hardware, a Canadian icon in the retail/hardware sector.  Home Hardware will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year with over 1,000 stores across Canada. Presentations by a variety of employees touched on many aspects of what has been taught in the program about marketing communications.  The group also learned how decisions by the marketing team can have a direct impact on the distribution centre and why it is important for a marketer to truly understand every step of the business.

IMG-20140114-00174When we say that the IMC students are busy, we aren’t kidding. Here, Professor Steve Howell distributes a major event and project management assignment to the class while on the bus returning from the Home Hardware tour!

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